Friday, 19 July 2013

Bachlorette do it yourself, do it anywhere

The favour:

Don't make fun - I had to use sidewalk chalk.

SO simple to make and low-cost. Go to the dollar store to purchase wine glasses (where I purchased mine at $1.25 each - I really need to reacquaint myself with Dollarama - it has EVERYTHING) or a second-hand store, your parents glassware cupboard, whatever. You can do this with stemless or regular.

Then go to a hardware store like Rona, Canadian Tire, or Home Depot to pick up chalkboard paint. I went to Home Hardware on Wellington. Tiniest Home Hardware around but a testament to how easy this stuff is to find.

Then just get a brush (I used a rectangular sponge brush the width that I wanted the "chalkboard" to be. One swish of the brush is plenty. With the first few glasses I made one stroke, redipped, and did a second stroke. This resulted in them dripping quite a bit. But the best thing about this paint is that it is easily wiped up if you get it before it dries. And I thought a little bit of a paint dribble added character.

Then just leave to dry for a few hours and you get this:

Super fun, inexpensive, and unique. You can write the event name, people's names, what they're drinking - and your guests can reuse for whatever they please.

The game:

These glasses pair nicely with the "Underwear game" if you're hosting a bachlorette. Each guest is to bring a pair of underwear and bottle of wine that represents them, the giver, but is for the bride-to-be. The bottles and corresponding underwear should be lined up without the bride seeing who brought which pair.

She has to guess who brought each pair and bottle - if she guesses correctly, the guests drink. If she's wrong, she drinks.

Predrink and gift taken care of - win win!

The venue:

I ate at Sugo on Church (the Village) in Toronto for the first time post Tough Mudder with +Adam Farhat. We satiated our ravenous hunger by splitting a bottle of red, salad, pizza, veggie burger and fries (possibly one of the best portobello veggie burgers I'd ever had), two desserts, and coffees (with Baileys).

It was all delicious, well-priced, and came with the comfortable, yet classy, Italian bistro feel and friendly staff. (co-owner Maria even kindly sent celebratory shots our way)

We sat inside that evening, but Adam had mentioned the backyard used for special occasions. I asked if they'd be interested in letting me host my friend's bachlorette their and wonderful Maria said yes.

We showed up an hour before dinner armed with dollar store decorations, tape, and Kinder eggs to transform the already absolutely adorable backyard into this:

our own private dinner party in downtown Toronto.

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