Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday Brideday - the Emerson edition

Being the very first Friday since my dearest little Jadie-poo has gotten married, I could not let Friday Brideday pass without giving her her due mentions.

Friday Brideday holds a special place in our hearts ever since a fateful Friday night three years ago that would seal the deal of our friendship. A rehearsal dinner for a wedding both our boyfriends at the time (mine no longer in my life and her's no longer her boyfriend but her husband <3) were a part of left us alone in my hotel room with an extra large cheese pizza, bottle of vodka, and good cable.

Flipping through the channels, growing ever more full and our coherence slightly diminishing, we landed on a gold mine: Friday Brideday on TLC - but before it was referred to as that and was simply a line up of our old favourites like "Rich Bride, Poor Bride", "Wedding SOS", and "Four Weddings".

After watching the shows until well past midnight (I think, anyway), we went out on the town in search of chocolate. We still laugh at how long it took us to find some, considering we both consider ourselves more Torontonian-ly inclined nowadays.

It was the perfect evening. One we've recreated a few times since: at my place, her mother-in-law's, her bachlorette - each as pizza-coma-inducing as the last.

Fast forward to now and she is currently traipsing around Spain with her new moniker and man. After five days of intense crafting, packing, dressing, weddinging, eating, family-socializing, dancing, and gift-opening, they are in need of two weeks to enjoy each other.

Here is a quick review of those jam-packed days - I wouldn't have traded a single minute.

a message to Jade from Dr. Seuss

DIYing like the best of them

podgy hands? no problem! hubby-to-be gets the phone. PS: these balloon-twine-hanging decor things turned out AMAZINGLY.

their guest book? the house from "Up" - with balloons the guests would sign and glue on

Jade painting doillies LIKE A BOSS. I'm making votive candles *proud* 

was it my handy-work or instagram that made these candles look so good?

the groom, his parents, and friend pitching in: DIY do or die time.

signs painted and ready to go

pre-wedding mani

Jade and Paul tied the knot at Sand Road Sugar Camp, an adorable, out-of-the-way area located 30 minutes past Casselman. A wonderful facility that let us do whatever in terms of decor, were super friendly, AND very accommodating with food requests.

photog wall

easy-breezy DIY paper fans

The dessert table - "Sweet Love" and all other banners were cut and glued by the wedding party (ah-thank-you)

NEVER buy your burlap at Michaels. Jade and Paul purchased their's at Richie's Feed & Seed for a third of the price. Centrepieces were old books from thrift shops, four votive candles/per table and one black ikea lantern

Transformation complete - DIY paid off. 

hanger from Etsy to hold the most important gown of the day

bridesmaids getting ready



tired of us yet?

ok, one more


the outdoor ceremony setting

first kiss as husband and wife

more DIY bunting (banners) at the head table

the first dance <3
We were all too busy enjoying ourselves to take many more pictures. I didn't get any of the food (can you believe it? I know there are about a milli pictures somewhere of me eating) - but it was all delicious. The cupcakes from Morsel: chocolate peanut butter, lemon, and maple pecan were AMAZING, the dinner was tasty, but my favourite thing was the midnight pizza and cookie and milk bar.

Jade and Paul's wedding was a testament to what Pinterest, long nights of crafting, coffee, Pizza Pizza, loved ones, wine, baking, thrifting, and an understanding, well-tempered fiancé can do in four days on a reasonable budget.

These are all the images I took and a few that I stole from others. For more moments and memories, visit their photographer, Frank Fenn's, blog.

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