Friday, 2 August 2013

Happy Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

On this beautiful sunny day, how can we not thank our neighbours (or “neighbors”) south of the border for coming up with this one?

Planning ahead, as most Type-A’s do, I made the cashew bread this week with the specific notion that I would use it and the remaining “vanilla ice cream” to create something fabulous: a paleo ice cream sandwich.

I had to reaheat and reblend the ice cream mixture to get the ice creamy texture. I definitely expected the process of preparing and eating to be messier than it was, but other than normal melting, there wasn't any ice cream spillage out the sides as I ate it. Which is normally the problem with homemade ice cream sandwiches - we’ve all done it: two chips ahoy/president’s choice decadent cookies, chocolate ice cream in the middle, take a bite and then BAM. Ice cream on the plate, floor, or all down your front - basically everywhere but between the two cookies.

The solution to this common chilled-treat-seekers' problem is to prepare the sandwiches and freeze them before eating. But let's be real, if you have cookies and ice cream in front of you, are you really going to wait for them to be ready?

I had thought about this process for the paleo ice cream sandwich, but knowing what the ice cream was like when it was frozen (ice), I didn't think it would be pleasant to bite into (like biting through frozen bread into ice...). The bonus to this recipe being you don't have to do any waiting once it is prepared! Just enjoy immediately.



I finished it, I swear. I also added honey to the middle since I had omitted it as an ingredient in the bread and ice cream. To be honest, it doesn't come close to the same satisfaction that you get from a regular, store bought, full fat, sugar, and cream ice cream sandwich, but it's definitely an acceptable alternative. It's also much more filling and would be a great post-workout snack.

And the benefits of not putting crap into your body, outweighs the 5 minutes of bliss (or less if you're me) you get from the regular ice cream sandwich.

But it's the long weekend so calories don't count. 

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