Friday, 16 August 2013

Mother of God, what's with the gut? Well, she's eating something out there.

Being that I was in Toronto two weeks ago, I'd almost given up on having this post written. But I thought I'd be doing a disservice to anyone who would not get to read about all the doughnuts I ate, and where you can get some yourself.

The week leading up to Toronto was not a good one for me in the manner of eating anything that resembled healthy food. I would like to blame Allium for putting my taste buds on high alert for flavour. The day following my trip to Allium, I found myself absolutely STARVING around 4 p.m. I was cursing myself for not packing enough food, cursing my co-workers for not having anything nutrition-neurotic-worthy to munch on as I rifled through their drawers, and cursed our office manager who supplies the treats we have every Friday, this time leaving us with costco-sized packages of two-bite brownies, always-moist chocolate chip cookies, and white slab cake for a birthday.

These treats were from the Friday-just-past (the preservatives in this food are terrifying) - when I was able to use my will-power and just say no. All that was left on this day was half a chocolate chip cookie, about 20 brownies, and a 1/4 of the cake.

All I'd managed to gather was an apple. All I could think about was how that apple would go amazingly with Kraft (processed) peanut butter, a side of two-brownies, and that last half a chocolate-chip cookie.

I eventually drove myself crazy enough (Jack Nicholson - "The Shining" style) to put all desired items on my plate and consume. It was FABULOUS.

Satisfied, I thought I could beat the normal onset of the muchines that comes post-sugar consumption. About 23 minutes later, I was proven wrong. And after enjoying more (and more and more) treats, I decided that with a Toronto trip on the weekend and half-marathon training starting on Monday, I would take time off from eating healthy.

In reality, I didn't take time-off eating healthy, I invested time in eating as much fried, sugared, and processed foods as possible.

Now for the good stuff: my time in Toronto.

We started the trip off right Saturday morning with a stop at McDonald's for breakfast. I have a very particular way about how I eat my Mcdonald's breakfast: egg mcmuffin meal, no meat and a peanut butter on the side. I split the egg mcmuffin; cheese and egg on one half, the other plain. I eat the eggy-cheesy goodness first, then the hashbrown, THEN put the peanut butter on the other half of English muffin to enjoy with my coffee (which I take black in case you would ever like to surprise me with one - this is always a good idea).
If I am ordering my "healthy" McDonald's breakfast, I also ask for no margarine, no cheese, and get a salsa packet to have with the eggy side. Everything else stays the same.

no word of a lie, my mouth is salivating

Upon arrival, we had a mini celebration for +Adam Farhat because he is AMAZING and after finding a part time job in his field after only WEEKS in Toronto, he was recently offered full-time, permanent.

Obviously we needed champagne (HA. sparking wine). Obviously we needed doughnuts. I picked up Suzi Q's delicious, fresh, light doughtnuts from Hintonburg while still in Ottawa the day before. Half a dozen for $10 even.

pickin' out my faves

from left to right: two cookies 'n' cream, two maple bacon (their specialty - if I was a meat-eater, I would be OBSESSED with this doughnut), and two sugar munkis - "Munki" being the dutch word for doughnut, and Miss Q being Dutch, I felt this was a very clever name for the very simple and very delicious, original, sugar doughnut

We went about our day which included mojitos and breakfast the second on the Milestone's Dundas square patio (which has a skyline view).

Then we spent an appropriate amount of time at the Loblaws on Church and Carleton - the old Maple Leaf Gardens. It is the most glorious Loblaws you will ever visit. It has a beautiful front section with a deli, sushi bar, sandwich and pizza area, and a magnificent section of desserts. They also have the regular grocery area and on the second floor the three things that every girl needs: Joe Fresh, the LCBO, and a washroom.

chocolate castle being carved in the sweets section

lovely pastries

so, so many cupcakes

doughnuts <3 ok so i only managed to take photos of the desserts.

We gathered our ingredients for dinner (frozen pizzas and lettuce) and made our way home to eat, have a few drinks, eat another doughnut (me) and pass out from an exhausting day of walking and consuming.

On Sunday we had one objective: get to the Glory Hole.

Have you ever heard such a provocative name for a doughnut shop? I hadn't either. It is located on Queen Street West near Liberty Village/Parkdale area - very similar to the Parkdale area of Ottawa.

After a not-so-minor mishap that happened at breakfast (the restaurant didn't carry peanut butter anymore - this is wrong for so many reasons, but mainly because it basically ruined my breakfast. What did they expect me to use? JAM!?) we made our way down Queen and arrived at the Glory Hole.

The main point of this whole drawn out post (believe it or not, there is one) is that you MUST go here if you are in Toronto. It is $20 for half a dozen, but it's perspective to the size and toppings - they are easily twice the girth of a Suzi Q which means more amazingness on top. They also have a different range of exotic toppings than Suzi Q like chocolate with Hickory Sticks. So it wasn't just a bigger doughnut, it was something entirely different (and yet the same?)

Basically, Suzi Q is to Ottawa what the Glory Hole is to Toronto - bigger city = bigger doughnuts.

instagram was totally the appropriate measure to capture the doughnuts in their shop - the store is very vintage and plays kitschy music. 

from top left and clockwise: nanaimo, banana peanut butter, cinnamon sugar, pina colada, viva puff (cut off) 

We split a nanaimo and the pina colada. That night, before dinner, I ate the cinnamon sugar. The rest I was giving away (thank goodness). They are equivalent to a small meal and absolutely worth every penny.

Please do me a favour and just check out the website. The images will make your mouth water. My boss caught me on the website while at work. I guess that's better than porn?

I believe the first time that it was said cupcakes were "over", it was a premature statement (you know who you are). But we're definitely there now - it is officially the year of the doughnut.

Before leaving on Monday, remaining doughnuts packaged and sealed safely away (from me), we had one more necessary stop: the REAL Sunset Grill which is located in the Beaches area of Toronto.

Adopted as our favourite breakfast place in Toronto, you can count on fair prices and the regular favourites (two eggs, toast, potatoes, and your choice of meat), as well as a clean space and very friendly staff - just as at the other Sunset Grills in the downtown Toronto core. I also love that you always get three medium sized eggs rather than two large.
But wherever this location gets its ingredients from is different. Everything is just a little bit more fresh, delicious, and loved (happy hens produce happy eggs).

stylin' in our custom-made shirts
Another wonderful aspect of the Grill in the Beaches is that you can grab a coffee to go at a nearby Starbucks, a new magazine at the book store, peruse the cute one-of-a-kind stores (very Glebe-esque if you ask me, Adam will tell you it's more Westboro) and finish up your time with a lay on the beach...

Bringing the weekend to a close, and after eating approximately 72 two-bite brownies, 13 doughnuts, fries, more fries, cake and ice cream, consuming a lot of mojitos, bread with (GASP) butter, and pizza over the course of that week - to name a few - I came back home ready to start a-new and be good to my body again.

Have you ever played soccer after eating that many brownies? I wasn't doing myself, or my team, any favours.

You'd think I'd have a nice paleo doughnut recipe to finish this off but I don't. Well, I actually have five or six that I'm dying to try but I need a doughnut pan first. Once I have one, you best believe there will be a plethora of doughnuts coming out of my kitchen.

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