Tuesday, 20 August 2013

On Tuesdays we wear blue.

At work, I have a tendency to fill out our lunch room calendar with funny little days such as "Ice cream sandwich day" or "Blueberry muffin day" - as you may have noticed. My co-workers pretend to give me a hard time about it, but deep down, I know they love the colourful calendar that greets them every lunch hour. Except when I start putting my Christmas countdown up - not everyone is as appreciative of that time of year as I am - especially not at the "8 months 'til Christmas!" mark.

Last year, on August 20th, one of the lawyers decided to make fun of my calendar obsession and filled in a few of his own such as "Stockwell Day", "Doris Day", and "Nothing Day".

Not to be outdone by a smartass in a suit, I decided to take the first one, Stockwell Day (member of the Conservative party) and celebrate to the best of my non-conservative abilities. This meant two things:
1) we wear blue
2) we have cupcakes

I could hardly believe it when, a year later, my Outlook calendar blipped up a little message in its remind-y way and told me that Stockwell Day was "due in 15 hours". Not one to miss an occasion, I e-mailed the crew to let them know to wear blue, and planned on what cupcakes I would make this year.

I used this recipe from the Food Network to make basic chocolate cupcakes. My only substitutions:
- homemade buttermilk (regular milk with lemon juice, 1 tbsp for every cup of milk. Can also be done with soy milk)
- melted margarine in lieu of oil
- I have a TON of hot chocolate powder so I used a 2.5 cups of that rather than 2 cups sugar and 1/2 cup cocoa
- whole wheat all-purpose flour instead of white. I don't think this changed the taste (I haven't actually had one yet), no one said anything about it. They do look a bit branier when they come out of the oven though.

And obviously, I bought icing.

I always have a few candies lying around that are perfect for decorating.

And voila!

dream on Conservatives

Compared to my cupcakes from last year... 

they're pretty cute.

The best part of Stockwell Day is that is more-or-less the complete opposite of what a Conservative would do (namely, have any fun at all).

So happy Stockwell Day!

PS - I really don't have a hate-on for Conservatives. I swear.

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