Monday, 19 August 2013

What I did with my eggs today: egg & avocado bake

I first saw this on a blog I was obsessed with, Running to the Kitchen. The writer, Gina, was doing the Whole30 challenge and was recording all her meals and photographing all her food on her blog for her loyal viewers to enjoy. One day I saw this gorgeous little baked eggy goodness: an egg cooked IN an avocado. 

I thought - ohmygawd. It's a unison that is so meant to be it's scary. Both foods are even the SAME SHAPE.

But there was no recipe!! Was it common knowledge of how to do this and I just didn't know?

A few weeks later I was visiting a friend in Montreal who was telling me about this great new thing she put on her toast from a recipe she got off of Pinterest (obviously). As soon as she started explaining it, I knew. I excitedly jumped in and demanded to know HOW she cooked it.

And this is how:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut your avocado in half and then scoop out a bit extra so there is room for the whole egg (almost all the way to the green rim.

Crack your egg into your avocado half and put on a cookie sheet (I line mine with aluminium foil in case there is any spilling - scraping baked egg white off a cookie sheet is NOT fun). I usually put it right at the corner of the cookie sheet or at least against the edge for balance. Since an egg white tends to stick all together, if a bit spills, it's likely a lot more will continue to come out.

maybe bake a portobello mushroom while you're at it
Bake for 10 minutes, then check on it. Cook a bit longer (two minute increments or so) if you'd like the egg to be a bit firmer.

taken out at 10 minutes
Sometimes I eat it just like that, or top with salsa and a bit of garlic powder, my friend puts hers on toast. This time I scooped it out onto the baked portobello mushroom and topped with salsa and garlic powder.

also shown: pumpkin pancake topped w coconut cream and raisins. recipe to come.

Lesson learned: when in doubt, search Pinterest.


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