Friday, 27 September 2013

"You took a nap to recover from eating... so you could go eat more?"

Last weekend was AwesTRUCK 2013 in Toronto - a collection of the fair city's finest roaming restaurants all parked at Fort York, Garrison Common to be visited by poor souls in search of a greasy-calorie-laden meal on wheels for the nominal price of a $10 entry fee (plus cost of food).

Saturday turned out to be the most crap-tacular day which was probably to our benefit. AwesTRUCK was not at all busy and we rarely waited for food. Apparently many people thought $10 lost was worth staying dry-and-warm at home. WRONG.

By the end of it we were soaked, from flip-flopped feet to jacket hood to umbrella - there was probably not one body part in our group of five that was dry in our efforts to keep our food protected. But oh how our stomachs were satisfied.

Here is a quick low down on what we ate via photo story:


AwesTRUCK award winner: Best Graphics, the Food Dudes

cap'n crunch battered fish tacos from the Food Dudes

a very blurry picture of same - very delicious and spicy

Mac and Cheese Balls from the Food Dudes

these were heaven

pulled pork poutine from the Hogtown Smoke

cookie dough cupcake from Pretty Sweet - SOGOOD

Churros from I Love Churros with your choice of filling: chocolate, dulce de leche, and strawberry. be VERY cautious when biting in, scalding hot chocolate is somewhat difficult to digest. 

Best New Truck: Frankie Fettuccine

solid pasta - especially coming out of a truck.

Gorilla Cheese !

super, SUPER yummy grilled cheese. perfectly toasted

the panini no one wanted - i can't even tell you which truck this came from. my girlfriends went to a pizza truck and asked for the panini thinking it was the name of the pizza. when they were handed this they explained their confusion, my friends were not given proper customer service and were basically tossed aside with the unwanted panino. it's probably lucky for the truck that i don't know which it was.

A banana nutella crepe from Curbside Crepe (see the unloved panino on the bottom right - is it normal to feel bad for food?)

And then we napped/watched Pitch Perfect so that we would have the energy and the stomach capacity to eat dinner.

At 9 p.m. we headed to Smith on Church St. It is a very trendy little restaurant catering exactly to the (Gay)bourhood around it, as well as five girls in their mid-twenties. We loved the decor, how the utensils and side plates were all different, and the unisex bathroom was GORGEOUS (I thought I'd made a terrible mistake initially walking through the western-style swinging doors thinking I was in the men's and would have to walk ashamedly back out and locate the women's washroom).

They have an interesting selection of cocktails - The Usual Suspect and Mr. Mischeif were big hits with our group, but the Babe's Old Fahsioned, which boasted bacon bitters, was a tad too strong (like an Old Fashioned would be) for our delicate tastebuds and we watched while our one girlfriend choked it down like a champ.

The service is very friendly and accommodating - we didn't want blue on our cheese board so they happily substituted with other cheeses. This was my favourite part of the dinner actually, totally loaded with goodies: honey, grapes, candied pecans, and a generous amount of cheese - we ran out of bread before cheese - that NEVER happens.

The rest of dinner was ok. Yes, just ok. I tried the beetroot pizza, which is not the prettiest pizza I've ever seen, but was very, very good. I also split the goat cheese tortellini which I felt was too much pasta, not enough goat cheese, and should have been in a a creamier or pesto sauce rather than tomato.

beetroot pizza and goat cheese tortellini
Although I didn't try the steak portion of the Steak Frites, it looked very nicely cooked and the fries were DELICIOUS.

Maybe if I wasn't still in a semi-food-coma from earlier and if all our eyes hadn't been bigger than our stomachs and we'd simply ordered less good, each course would have been more enjoyable. We didn't even have room for dessert - which is absolutely saying something.

A few other food highlights from the weekend:

surprise birthday cupcakes transported all the way from Ottawa's Cupcake Lounge

McDonald's at 4 a.m.Saturday after a Friday night out

McDonald's at 9 a.m. on Sunday after a Saturday pig out

Brunch at Wish at noon Sunday before going home - an absolutely ADORABLE brunch spot and by the same owners as Smith. Definitely, definitely make a reservation. We walked in and were "greeted" by three catty girls complaining about the hour wait and that if the reso for six (us) didn't show up, they were taking the table. I have never had so much satisfaction announcing my arrival in my life.

our beautiful spacious table, overlooking the same three girls.

my breakfast: a grilled nutella sandwich

challah French toast

eggs florentine w parmesean fondue rather than hollandaise. also served with the BEST BREAKFAST POTATOES I HAVE EVER HAD.

They even comped my breakfast since it was close to my birthday <3

And in local news, if you'd like to support the new business trend of food trucks, fear not - there will be plenty of opportunity to get your eat on in Ottawa this Saturday near Little Italy at our very own Food Truck Rally. Details in this Apt613 Foodie Friday article.

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