Monday, 28 October 2013

Café My House

After initially hearing about Café My House, I was eagerly anticipating an opportunity to visit. Described by my babely friends as a delicious brunch spot with vegan, gluten-free, and healthy alternatives, it was a top option for a post Goodlife Skip Circuit meal on a disgusting (rainy and cold - what use is there for precipitation at such frigid temperatures if it is not snow!?) Saturday morning.

1) When things are vegan and/or gluten-free at a restaurant, it normally means that there is extra care, effort, and love put into the menu-pieces and that there are unique flavours and spices used since V&GF things have a narrower selection of ingredients to chose from and they really need to be creative. As opposed to V&GF things at the grocery store which have ingredients that look like this: sugar, rice flour, other-things-that-cannot-be-pronounced-or-spelled.
2) I (heart) independent restaurants.
3) After you get your butt-kicked at skip circuit, you would be doing yourself a moral indecency if you ate anything unhealthy.

Just give the menu a peruse, and I'm certain you'll be as excited as I was.

When walking in, especially on extra cold, icky rainy days, you will LOVE the soft-lighting and comfortable feel. I did not at all feel out-of-place, popping off my boots and sitting cross-legged on my seat.

 The menu is on a clipboard and starts off with the resto's personal message and mantra. Devoted to health and green living, they kindly offer a 5% discount to those that come in with their bus pass/transfer or bike helmet.

Coffee is served in a personal French press and you are offered almond milk (which is amazing) or soy milk, and they have packets of Camino raw cane sugar.

Typically an eggs, potatoes, and toast-kind-of-girl, I surprised myself when I was contemplating between:

Omega-3 Waffles with Earl Grey Salted Caramel 14 (GF)
Flaxseed waffles/cinnamon/nutmeg/cardamom/House Earl Grey Salted Caramel/fresh berries/raw hazelnut

Coconut-Banana French Toast 12 (Ask for GF option $1)
Brown rice bread or multi-grain bread/coconut milk/banana/cinnamon/toasted coconut/organic raw agave syrup.

Brown Rice Blueberry Pancakes 12 (GF)
Brown rice flour/arrowroot flour/blueberries/banana/organic raw agave syrup.

In the end, my girlfriend and I split the Omega Waffles and the Benedict:
Vegan Tempeh Benedict 14 (Ask for GF option $1)
Dark rye toast/roasted kale/eggplant/organic tempeh/tomato/House Vegan Hollandaise Sauce.

Omega Waffles: the waffles themselves were amazing! the Early gray salted caramel was different... it wouldn't be a first choice but I don't like Early gray tea so that's not a surprise.

my half of the vegan-turned-vegetarian (subbing eggs for tempeh) Benedict. Want to feel good about eating hollandaise sauce? put the word "vegan" in front of it. YUM.

Their potatoes are real potatoes, not deep-fried cubes (which I am rather fond of, actually). Nothing is dripping in grease, laden in sugar, or broiled in fat. It is not for greasy-spoon advocates/post-night-of-binge-drinking relief-seekers, but absolutely for every vegan you know and her mother, gymmers looking to keep up the feel-goodness of the day, and anyone with an open mind who loves trying new and different food combinations.

I am sad that this place is on Bank nearer to Alta Vista and therefore harder for someone who is mostly-carless and lives in Hintonburg to get to. But the next time I do make my way out there, I will absolutely be getting the coconut-banana French toast.

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