Wednesday, 2 October 2013


I am covertly trying  to make the office a more health-friendly place to ease my transition back into clean eating. As I'm in charge of providing snacks whilst the office manager is traipsing around Italy, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity. So, as opposed to the two kinds of muffins, cookies, and squares that usually grace our kitchen table, I purchased veggies, hummus, strawberries - and cinnamon rolls for those that would probably verbally chastise me to tears for not getting something with sugar.

I did get the most delicious kind of hummus though:

But I had to laugh at the gluten-free sign. Hummus has ALWAYS been gluten-free, adding that notation to their packaging is just as frivolous as this:

just sayin...

Since gluten-free has become "all the rage", this little label has been showing up everywhere to encourage people to buy the product. Which I guess isn't a bad thing in this instance because it will encourage people to buy hummus, which is a super fabulous, healthy dipping option.

But don't be fooled into thinking anything boasting "gluten-free" is healthy. If you're trying to eat healthier you should probably be avoiding the gluten-free aisle all together, actually. It's still processed, still contains bad sugars, and is super expensive for no reason. A cookie is still a cookie whether or not it's gluten-free. And if you really need a cookie, just get a real cookie. Or make your own gluten-free baked goodiess with almond flour and whatnot. It's way cheaper, fresh, and more delicious.

And again, if you're trying to eat healthier, even those homemade baked delights should be limited because it's not about finding shortcuts, using "crutches" or replacing one evil with a lesser-so version. It comes down to...

and eating right! :D

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