Tuesday, 1 October 2013

So over-eating

Every time I come home from Toronto I feel inspired. Inspired to write more, to read more, to try a little bit harder with my wardrobe, to paint my nails more often, and maybe to buy a new coat/pair of boots/purse/something-I-can't-afford. But mostly to workout and eat lettuce for the foreseeable future. It's not a surprise that I like to indulge on a regular basis, so you can only imagine what I'm like on "holidays" (see example A: August long weekend & example B: girls weekend).

I in no way mean to make anyone feel bad or illicit "OMGAWD you are NOT FAT" comments. At 25, I am fully aware that I have a food addiction that usually gets the better of me and  have been horrible to my body lately. Also, with a half-marathon less than three weeks away, I have no time for error. Nor time for my quads to feel like they are going to burst out of my thighs from lifting too much during squats yesterday.

I dislike saying "I'm on the _____ plan" or "I'm doing _______ diet" but if you have to categorize it, I'm "going to do" a Whole30 because what the Whole30 comes down to is eating healthily for 30 days, when you're hungry, at regular meal times, and before and after working out.

And mine will be a modified Whole30 to include the occasional glass of wine. And probably a few cheats cuz, who are we kidding, I'm still me.

I know what you're all thinking: what on EARTH is this girl going to write about now? Well, don't worry. I will try my hardest not to write solely about about how depressed I am that I have to turn down the majority of dinner invitations practically forever now - but *hopefully* will be able to share more recipes and some places to eat that are friendly to my new food-thought-process. I also probably have enough food outing entries on the back burner from previous food-bingeing business that I could get through the entire month on that.

ANYWAY. Happy world vegetarian day <3


Also, fall is so lovely (crying over not eating a Starby's Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffin :'( - it's day 2)

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