Saturday, 9 November 2013

Me and Mrs. Jones

alcohol units: 0 (as of now), twitter followers 107, minutes spent thinking up clever tweets: 39875

Approximately halfway through Helen Fielding's newest edition in the Bridget Jones saga, Mad about The Boy and, despite having the big plot twist ruined by a minimum of four people (honestly, WHY do people think it's appropriate to ruin a book for someone but ruining a movie is blasphemic? Anita - I'm still sorry that I told you that the girl dies in A Walk to Remember before you'd seen it. And I'm sorry to anyone who didn't already know that), I am really, really enjoying it. Lots of l-o-l's, lots of the original Bridget (whom, if she were a real person I'd want to be her very best friend). And knowing the plot twist ahead of time didn't ruin anything. 

The time lapse from the last book (like 14 years??) is taken into account - Bridget trying to learn how to tweet is super endearing. 

Here are two of my most favourite quotes to this point which may not be as funny to you as me (giggle-out-loud inducing), but that's just why you'll have to read the book.

Bridget: "It's happened, just as I always feared. We've ended up as tragic old fools, convincing ourselves the vicar is in love with us because he's mentioned his organ."

Rebecca, Bridget's neighbour after her children complain about not finishing a level on Xbox: "Good! When I signed up for having children I did NOT sign up to be ruled by a collection of inanimate thin black objects and a gaggle of TECHNO-CRACKHEADS refusing to do anything but stare with jabbing thumbs, while demanding that I SERVICE them like a computer tech crossed with a five-star hotel concierge. When I didn't have you, everyone spent their whole time saying I'd change my mind. And guess what? I've had you. I've brought you up. And I've CHANGED MY MIND!"

If you liked the first two, you will love this one. And I am willing to lend out my copy.

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