Tuesday, 5 November 2013

#Move-ember fitness challenge: NYE LBD

Because of a personal problem that involves me incessantly eating too much at Christmas time (but regardless, it remains my all-time favourite) and inevitably having me conclude the year feeling/looking like a blimp and hating myself on new year’s eve, not being able to wear that LBD to a party, I've decided to nip the problem in the butt and start a competition: Move-ember.

The point of Move-ember is to get ridiculously healthy, feeling good, and looking good, so that when Christmas treats start rolling their way into our lives, we will be able to say “Non!”/only indulge in our absolute favourites and not every sugar cookie that graces our kitchen counters and desk tops.

How it works:

The challenge buy-in is $10 and runs for four weeks starting in the first half of November (start date flexible according each individual's schedule). Participant with the most points gets the pot.

Meal plan:
This meal plan is your own, not based on anyone else’s. It is what you can do to live a healthier and attainable, lifestyle. Include cheats** or “loose” days if you wish – as long as it is an improvement. Do some research, figure out what changes you want to make.

This is also relative. You know what gets your blood pumping, tired, sweaty, and winded. This is all on the honour system. You know if a complete exercise routine for you would be an hour-long high-intensity aerobics class or a 5k walk. We have a lot of different people participating in this challenge which is AMAZING.

Each of the four weeks you will have a goal. This can be anything you want as long it makes you happier (and therefore healthier). As an example, you can commit to reading 30 pages of a book every day or trying a new activity. It can also be health/fitness related like adding an extra class at the gym for the week or eating greens at every meal.

- 1 point each day you complete your meal plan
- 1 point each time you exercise (.5 points if you have a serving shift or are teaching a fitness class)
- 3 points each time you complete a week of your meal plan
- 2 points each time you complete your goal for the week

The sharing of meal plans or goals is not required but can be done for motivational support! Results of any kind will not be shared until the challenge is complete: Monday, December 9.

- take a before and after picture/measurements so you can see your progress. If you're in a fragile place, avoid the scale. Sometimes it can be more discouraging than helpful
- PLAN AHEAD. Failing to plan is planning to fail
- develop a list of gym/activities that will be your exercise (walking, gym, running, working-out-at-home). This list is for you, just to always have ideas on hand. Pinterest is a GREAT resource for at-home stuff.
- no matter what you decide as far as your meal plan goes, you can NEVER go wrong with protein and veggies, so load up!

Accepting applicants until Nov. 11 - we currently stand at 20! Or start your own Move-ember challenge!

** My note on cheats:
I neither believe that you need or don’t need a cheat meal. But I get that going out is inevitable and sometimes choosing something that fits into how you’d like to eat would make a meal entirely expensive or boring. I also know how much fun it is to go out uninhibited, drink your face off, and eat a million carbs.

I’ve learned that eating your-own-version-of-clean 90% of the time, and then eating something that doesn’t fit into that at a nice restaurant with friends once every while makes that experience even more amazing. So I allow one cheat meal a week usually so that I can go out with friends, enjoy food together, and be social without being restricted. Don’t feel like you always have to use your cheat meal if you don’t need it, and don’t feel like you’re doing something bad if you do use your cheat meal. And don’t feel bad if you allot yourself two or three cheat meals. As long as it’s an improvement from before and is making you feel better, that’s supah awesome!

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