Thursday, 14 November 2013

Petite Bills with some babes

The first time I ever heard about Petite Bills Bistro on Wellington, I also heard about the lobster poutine. Was it butter sauce? Lobster chuncks? Cheese? Gravy? I didn't know, and I never thought to check - I only knew that when I inevitably ended up dining there, I would eat one.

When dinnerclub rolled around and this month's selector-of-restaurants chose Petite Bill's, I was very excited to have my opportunity.

Understandably, a few people weren't sure what to make of it when I told them I'd be eating that for dinner. I still didn't know how to answer the questions of what was in the poutine. And even though I had looked at the online menu many, many times, I don't know WHY I just didn't read the description.

When we arrived, we all finally learned:
Lobster Poutine
Lobster in shellfish butter & mascarpone cheese sauce over frites

Which wasn't what any of us were guessing, but which sounded the like the best possible choice. And it was. It really, truly was.We shared that to start, as well as the Shellfish Pakoras:

Indian spiced lobster & carb fritters, cilantro-lime yogurt
And, obviously, a bottle of wine.

For mains, I ordered the Pecan Burger:

A vegetarian pecan burger, garlic tahini yogurt, pickled vegetables, springmix salad

Mo got the best Sea Scallops I had ever seen or tasted which came with a really awesome almond and spinach salad:

Seared scallops, maple bacon caramel, almond & spinach salad apple vinaigrette

And Jenn had the Seafood Chowder - with actual mussels in it: 

Creamy chowder, potatoes, shellfish, scallops,fish & mussels

With room for dessert, we shared the Chili Chocolate Brownie: Gluten & dairy free chocolate brownie - and a type of sponge cake soaked in port with ice cream that I am sad to say is not on the menu at the moment. It was a surprise winner, none of us initially thinking it would be anything spectacular, but ordered it on the recommendation of the server.

Yes, we are those people that make you wait until we take photos of our food to let you eat.

Very cute atmosphere, very Hintonburg-destination-eatery - great place to come with some girlfriends to drink some wine and eat some good food.

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