Thursday, 15 May 2014

Chocolate chip (cookie?) day (also, I hate you Tim Horton)

There seems to be some discrepancy over what today actually is: National Chocolate Chip Day or National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

According to the credible website (that I cannot recall at the moment) where I normally gain my knowledge of irrelevant days of the year, it is National Chocolate CHIP Day. But a quick Google search of "chocolate chip" today yielded that the Food Network, among other notables/bloggers-I-stalk seem to think it is the day of the cookie.

**Wedding crackers = Wedding crashers FYI

Regardless, I can swing my recipe either way. Please note that the end result was not exactly what I was going for as this was severely altered from another recipe, I had no eggs, and requires further tweaking. But today is the day sooooo ~~

{Paleo} Chocolate chip "mug" cake (cookie) for one
- 1.5 tbsp of coconut flour
- 1/3 tbsp of coconut oil
- 1/8 egg whites
- 2 squares dark chocolate, chopped
- 1 tbsp vanilla

Chop your chocolate, or use as many chocolate chips as you feel appropriate. I've given up on chocolate chips when trying to bake paleo. Because, unless you can find those "Enjoy Life" chips that all the clean bloggers rave about, they are not paleo. Not even when you spend the extra $1.50 on the Hershey Special Dark and race home excitedly only to realize that there are still things like sugar and modified palm oil festering in your so-thought-real chocolate chips. 

Mix it all in a mug, or Pyrex container with lid if you're bringing it to work because you don't have a microwave (a sad fact you had only realized when you came home from a night out of dancing, drinking, and fighting with your [now ex] boyfriend with all your hopes and dreams pinned on the frozen cupcake you keep in the freezer for such emergencies and instead had to eat an apple with coconut butter).

I know - looks JUST like cookie dough

Go ahead, taste it. Does it taste good? I wouldn't really know because I'm so congested that my breakfast pancake tasted the same as the coconut sole I had for lunch. Is this what people with allergies go through!?

I feel like it tasted just like cookie dough, though.

Microwave for one minute and you'll end up with this:

I know, I am aware that this is a really ugly looking thing. But again, I feel like it tasted pretty good. And maybe when I re-make it with my adjustments, I'll actually be able to taste it. And it will be good.

If you want a really good recipe, you should probably check out +Gina Matsoukas' recipe for Paleo chocolate chip cookies which are likely way more legit than mine.

Also, apologies if I seem angst-y today, but along with nasal congestion, I've been dealing with a massive loss. Tim Horton's decided to bring back the eclair rather than the sugar twist doughnut. I'm embarrassed about how long I could go on ranting about this. Although not really.

 It is just a Boston cream with whip instead of custard.


f*cking fixed contest.

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