Wednesday, 20 August 2014

On Wednesdays we wear blue - because it's Stockwell Day.

I am often asked if I make up all these days – National burger day, Watermelon day, Doughnut day. Most of the time, I absolutely am not and can source the Internet as my resource:

But two summers ago, I did make up a day with the help of one of the lawyers at my work (which you can read about here). In short, he mockingly put “Stockwell Day” on the calendar for the coming week’s events. He had no idea he would create such a beloved tradition.

Whether the result of my stubbornness or my love for anything that merits food and decorations, my wonderful coworkers and I keep celebrating Stockwell Day by dressing in blue and enjoying a cupcake in Mr. Day’s honour.

For those of you unfamiliar with the man-behind-the-holiday, Stockwell Day is a Conservative-type-person and therefore up on all the current events. Being that this week is Pride Week, surely Mr. Day  is aware of this and celebrating in his own way. As such, I can only do the same and dub today Stockwell Day - Pride Edition, so I've jazzed up the typical Conservative logoed cupcakes with rainbow Betty Crocker mix and sprinkles!

I made these at midnight last night - they smelled like a dream and had the consistency of clouds. Luckily I was too tired to eat them.

Yes I also use icing from a can because I hate making icing.

I bought these chemical-filled gummies from the dollar store with the thought that I could use the blue strips for the C's and the red bit for the leaf.

I felt like I was working at Laura Secord again scooping Super Kid for a bratty toddler "Can I just have red?" THEY ALL TASTE THE SAME *that's a lie, they actually do taste slightly different*

This squirrel was enjoying his morning while I enjoyed my cupcake #unitedinbliss

There is lots of blue around the office today - this is my attempt at Conservative attire.

The lawyers will be so happy.

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  1. What a GREAT idea! Making up a holiday in the middle of the week to boost office spirit??? And those cupcakes look fantastic. Go girl!