Monday, 10 November 2014

15 struggles as a result of a couch-potato life and all the extra computer/phone/social media time.

For the past week I have been home sick resulting in a continuous cycle of sleeping, sweating, watching Seinfeld, and my phone being in my hands. 

I additionally spent a good deal of time trying to figure out how George Costanza got dates. Like ever?

Also, isn't it interesting that most of the Seinfeld episodes would not have been able to come to fruition had they had cell phones?

I started thinking about all the things that phones and smarter computers have done to make our lives easier, but then, through my own experiences this week (and stories from others), I started compiling a list of daily struggles as a result of these conveniences. 

1) Actually having to say "I just laughed out loud" because "lol" is used to fill the space when you have nothing better to say.

2) Everyone now feels entitled to a free licence to complain about everything. When did everyone get so sensitive? Get off the Internet and FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO.

3) Dropping your phone on your face as you fall asleep whilst Pinning in bed.

4) Having to explain how you got a black eye from Pinning in bed.

5) Have embarrassing auto-correct moments. When did "Nicolina" become "no colons"?

6) When you've become so reliant on auto-correct that you expect all your typing programs to do the same. Get with it, Word Perfect.

7) Thinking you can use the "ctrl+F" command when you're reading a book. You can't.

8) The ruining of casual dating. Just f*cking ruined. "I sent that FOUR HOURS AGO. Why hasn't he responded?!"

9) Or worse... "I can see that he's read it - WHY HASN'T HE RESPONDED?!"

10) Feeling that absolute moment of panic when you're at less than 10% battery. Must. Preserve. Energy.

11) Phones all of a sudden getting bigger again? Is that a book or your phone? 

Remember when progress meant making things smaller?

12) Unlimited information at our fingertips. Is this making us dumber? "Let's Google it."

13) Drunk texting, calling, facebooking, etc. Don't drink and text!!

14) Always being expected to be reached. And then having to explain yourself if you don't answer the phone. Maybe I was at yoga? OK I JUST DIDN'T WANT TO TALK YOU.

15) Phone screening.

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